Technology platform

A dedicated platform for selecting the bacterial strains with the best profile, optimizing them with automated processes, and validating these new production systems under pre-industrial conditions.

Since its inception, DEINOVE has constantly invested in the development of a genetic and metabolic platform, initially dedicated to Deinococcus bacteria before being extended to other bacteria in the library. Its capacity and its efficacy have grown stronger over time with its automatization, now making it possible to generate some 300 strains per month – and soon to reach 1,000.

The company now has an extremely sophisticated tool in terms of screening the strains in the library and designing optimized strains, as well as fermentation engineering, including:


A strain storage system ensuring the long-term sustainability of the strain library, one of the company’s strategic assets


An in vitro screening system for detecting usable activity in the library (antibiotic activity, antioxidant activity, anti-inflammatory activity, etc.)


An automated platform for creating strains, combined with a computerized genetic design system whose mission is to direct the strain toward the production of a given carotenoid, optimize the antibiotic production level, produce other compounds of the same chemical family, or modify the structure of a compound to improve its bioavailability


An analysis unit to verify the structure of the compound produced (antibiotic, carotenoid), monitor the bacterium’s metabolism and identify channels for optimization


A fermentation engineering platform for:

  • Simultaneously testing several fermentation conditions,

  • Continuously assessing the performances of the strains produced and identifying lines for improvement for each process, thus in turn guiding the genetic engineering work,

  • Producing extracts in large quantities for testing them or marketing them.


Close-up on the unique genetic and metabolic engineering platform

DEINOVE is able to multiply its lines of research and to obtain proof of concept in very short amounts of time. This is a significant advantage when in discussions with potential industrial partners.

DEINOVE at the cutting edge of strain construction technologies

DEINOVE has participated in the development of a personalized version of the CAD4Bio software, making it possible to quickly construct customized Deinococcus strains with reliable design. DEINOVE now has a unique, automated platform for producing the ideal Deinococcus for each production process, each potential partner and each potential customer.


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