• Luminity® is a concentrate of neurosporene, an extremely rare carotenoid that contributes to skin vitality and a beautiful complexion.

  • Clinical tests have confirmed its ability to boost radiance, get even skin tone and reduce brown sports and dark circles.

  • A powerful antioxidant, it also protects the skin from the harmful effects of overexposure to light, prevents hyperpigmentation and the appearance of redness.

  • A DEINOVE patented innovation, Luminity® is a 100% natural active ingredient produced through fermentation of sugars.

DEINOVE (Euronext Growth Paris: ALDEI), a French biotech company that uses a disruptive approach to develop innovative antibiotics and bio-based active ingredients for cosmetics, today announces the official launch of Luminity®, its second proprietary cosmetic active ingredient. A concentrate of neurosporene, an extremely rare carotenoid, Luminity® is altogether an outstanding antioxidant, a cell energizer and a radiance booster. In particular, it protects against the harmful effects of blue light.

"Since the Luminity® preview last November, we have been actively preparing for the market launch of our second proprietary active. Sales force training is underway, and we are preparing a series of marketing actions to introduce this new active to major brands. We are relying on robust clinical data that validate the action of Luminity® on several highly innovative cosmetic dimensions," said Coralie MARTIN, Marketing Manager at DEINOVE.

Combining protective, modulating and stimulating properties, each with outstanding efficacy levels, Luminity®’s value proposition is to maximize the natural beneficial effects of light, while protecting the skin from its harmful effects.

Light radiation, a major issue for the health and beauty of the skin

Light is essential to life, and its crucial role in health is widely recognized.  Light exposure has a positive effect on energy levels and mood, allows the synthesis of vitamin D, regulates biological cycles and improves cognitive functions.

While moderate exposure to light also promotes skin health, overexposure to certain wavelengths and growing use of artificial light sources may disrupt metabolic functions, leading to premature cell ageing.  The harmful effects of UV radiation are widely known. In recent years, attention is also focused on blue light. At the edge of the visible light spectrum, blue light has a higher wavelength than UV light and penetrates deeper into the skin, causing insidious damage to the epidermis, and in particular the appearance of dark spots.

While skin radiance is becoming a major issue in the anti-ageing segment, Luminity® offers a positive solution, both protective and stimulating, of the link to light.

Luminity® helps regulate and preserve skin metabolism

A unique concentrate of neurosporene, an extremely rare carotenoid and an outstanding antioxidant, Luminity® helps regulate skin responses to light, preserve and resynchronize the biological clock ("circadian rhythm") and improve metabolic flexibility via several mechanisms:

  • By protecting cellular components, particularly the mitochondria, which are essential for energy production, Luminity® stimulates energetic metabolism, thus revitalizing the skin. Signs of fatigue, especially dark circles, are reduced.
  • By inhibiting the synthesis and transport of melanin, Luminity® improves the radiance and promotes even skin tone. Dark spots are reduced.
  • Through its absorbent properties, and its action on both activating cell metabolism and reducing melanin production and deposition, Luminity® protects skin cells against the specific wavelength of blue light. The skin is also preserved from the appearance of redness.

The effects of Luminity® have been validated by robust in vitro, ex vivo and clinical data.

These properties pave the way for various cosmetic applications:

  • Glowing skin cream
  • Anti-aging/anti-dark spots cream
  • Energizing/vitalizing cream, for dull and tired-looking skin
  • Daily Defense Cream
  • BB (anti-blemish) and CC (anti-redness) creams
  • Beauty sleeping masks, etc.

Neurosporene, a carotenoid now accessible thanks to DEINOVE technology

As a metabolic intermediate of the formation of lycopene from phytoene, neurosporene is a carotenoid rarely found in nature. However, it is accumulated by photosynthetic bacteria[1] and extremophile microorganisms. Interestingly, it is also found in the eye where it helps protect photoreceptors. 

Based on its unique expertise in the biosynthesis of carotenoids from extremophile microorganisms, DEINOVE has managed to optimize and increase the endogenous production of neurosporene by Deinococcus geothermalis. Delivered in a concentrated form, it is now available for cosmetic formulation.

A patented innovation, Luminity® is a 100% natural active ingredient produced by a sustainable sugar fermentation process, and made in France.


[1] Which use light as an energy source