Montpellier, 23 December 2015 – DEINOVE (Alternext Paris: ALDEI), a biotech company developing innovative processes for producing biofuels and bio-based chemicals from non-food biomass with its Deinococcus bacteria, announced today the completion of the capital increase with preferential subscription rights amounting to 10,667,862 euros with the issuance of 2,370,636 new shares (1,873,590 new shares subscribed on an irreducible basis and 497,046 new shares on a reducible basis).

In the face of the high demand, the funds managed by Truffle Capital have finally subscribed 71,199 new shares amounting to 320,395.50 euros.

The Company’s share capital henceforth amounts to 3,421,962.80 euros, represented by 8,554,907 shares with a par value of 0.40 euro each.

Shareholding structure post-capital increase (to the Company's knowledge)


Shareholders Number of shares Holding percentage Voting rights Percentage
Funds managed by Truffle Capital 2,828,215 33.06% 5,493,433 48.37%
Tereos EU 118,685 1.39% 118,685 1.05%
Scientific founders 20,000 0.23% 40,000 0.35%
Management & Board members 58,949 0.69% 77,690 0.68%
Floating 5,529,058 64.63% 5,646,445 49.54%
TOTAL 8,554,907 100.00% 11,356,253 100.00%

The share capital increase with shareholders’ preferential subscription rights was led by SwissLife Private Banking acting as Lead Manager and Bookrunner of the transaction. Brunswick Société d’Avocats was DEINOVE’s counsel for the legal aspects of the operation.