• DEINOVE has selected 20 bacterial strains producing compounds of interest for animal feed that comply with the properties sought by AVRIL.

  • AVRIL is undertaking the 2nd phase of the COLOR2B project aimed at characterizing and testing these compounds to assess their commercial potential.

DEINOVE (Alternext Paris: ALDEI), a biotech company developing innovative processes for producing biofuels and bio-based chemicals by using Deinococcus bacteria as host strains, today announces that the 1st key step of the COLOR2B project, carried out in cooperation with the AVRIL Group, has been successfully completed.

Lasting 9 months, this 1st phase consisted, for DEINOVE, in screening its 6,000-bacteria bank of Deinococci and other genera to identify 20 strains capable of producing useful molecules in terms of animal nutrition and health.

At this stage, the AVRIL Group’s teams are, as planned, becoming fully involved in the project to characterize the molecules produced and to perform application tests. The goal of this new stage is to confirm each molecule’s potential and to optimize production conditions.

We have already demonstrated that our bacteria are very well suited to industrial production. Today, the highly positive start to this collaboration validates the biodiversity of our bacterial heritage,” declared Emmanuel Petiot, CEO of DEINOVE. “As we move forward in analyzing our strain bank, we discover new potential applications. It is very promising for our future development with the AVRIL Group and other partners in various fields such as nutrition, or cosmetics.

Wagering on the wealth of the DEINOVE strain bank has paid off for us and our collaboration is starting out under the best of auspices. We are now moving on to the next phase aimed at validating the potential of the selected bacteria in real applications,” said Jean-François Rous, VP Research and Innovation at AVRIL.

About the COLOR2B project:

This 3-year collaboration agreement, called COLOR2B, signed in August 2014 between DEINOVE and SOFIPROTÉOL (renamed AVRIL), is part of the DEINOCHEM program. Co-financed by the two partners, COLOR2B is an R&D project, which aims at developing a production process for natural feed additives. This includes selecting the best-performing bacteria strains from DEINOVE’s strain bank, testing the compounds produced, qualifying their benefits for animal nutrition and health as well as developing the production process at pilot-scale.

  • DEINOVE’s expertise will focus on producing additives from their bacterial micro-factories, in an eco-friendly and economically viable way.
  • The AVRIL Group’s expertise will apply to feedstock selection, evaluation of the beneficial effects for animals, knowledge of the market and associated regulations, as well as marketing the technology developed.

Ultimately, the two partners strive to industrialize the bioproduction of such additives and launch new animal nutrition product lines. Targeted applications in human food will also be considered.