Georges Gaudriault
PhD in molecular pharmacology

Georges GAUDRIAULT, PhD, has nearly 20 years of experience in drug research and development. He then masters every step along the value chain, including regulatory aspects and market access. Before joining DEINOVE, he held for nine years the position of Chief scientific officer at MedinCell, a biopharmaceutical company specializing in long-acting drug delivery.

He was also a Scientific director at ObeTherapy - a biotechnology start-up specializing in the discovery and development of therapies in the fields of obesity, hypercholesterolemia, and type II diabetes - and contributed to research at the Institut Curie.

In addition, Georges GAUDRIAULT has solid experience in the United States, having spent several years as a research scientist at the prestigious Salk Institute.

Georges GAUDRIAULT holds a PhD in molecular pharmacology Master in Molecular Pharmacology & Molecular biology and BS in Biochemistry from the University Of Nice - Sophia Antipolis. He is the author of several patents and numerous publications.