cosmetic ingredient developed in collaboration with GREENTECH


HEBELYS®, a natural active ingredient from the DEINOVE collection

HEBELYS® is a natural active ingredient produced by the fermentation of Sphingomonas, a bacterium from the DEINOVE proprietary strain library. It demonstrated during tests its ability to preserve youthful skin through its action on various aging factors and in particular on a protein involved in the process of cellular senescence.

HEBELYS® is designed to be incorporated in anti-age, anti-wrinkle and moisturizing care products. 

Formulated, produced, and distributed by GREENTECH

HEBELYS® is marketed by GREENTECH, a French company specializing in the production of high-tech active ingredients from the plant, marine, and microbial worlds. Founded 25 years ago, and with subsidiaries in Germany, the US, and Brazil, Greentech now sells around 100 active ingredients derived from biodiversity to cosmetics manufacturers in over 30 countries.

Launched in 2018 thanks to a fruitful collaboration

The collaborative program with GREENTECH started in March 2017. GREENTECH chose DEINOVE for its collection of extremophilic bacteria and for its unique expertise in the engineering of these rare micro-organisms.

DEINOVE selected for GREENTECH a panel of strains with valuable activities in cosmetics. From the strain retained by its partner, DEINOVE developed the production process to achieve optimal fermentation performance and conducted in vitro tests to characterize the extract; GREENTECH then developed the formulation process and validated the stability and safety, as well as efficacy, by additional ex vivo tests.

This fruitful cooperation materialized with the launch of the first anti-aging active HEBELYS®, presented at the In-Cosmetics trade show in Amsterdam in April 2018, barely a year after the start of the program.

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Hebelys®: efficacy demonstrated in the IJCS