Labiotech Refresh

Labiotech Refresh is Europe’s most refreshing Biotech conference. Come to get a deep insight into tomorrow’s Biotechtrends in a dynamic and...
10.05.2016 au 12.05.2016

Vitafoods Europe

Marie Bezenger, VP Operations of DEINOVE, will participate in the Vitafoods Europe 2016 Congress in Geneva. More info: www.vitafoods.eu.com
11.04.2016 au 12.04.2016

Small cap Event

Infos: http://www.midcapevents.com/
06.04.2016 au 08.04.2016

SynBioBeta London 2016

The fouth year of SynBioBeta London where the synthetic biology community will gather to hear from the companies commercializing their...
13.03.2016 au 16.03.2016

28th Annual ROTH Conference

The ROTH conference brings together several thousand U.S. investors focused on small and mid-cap growth companies. Emmanuel PETIOT will...