• Hervé Brailly, co-founder and executive of Innate Pharma SA [IPH], one of the world's leading immuno-oncology specialists and one of the largest French biotech company by its market capitalization, was appointed Director of DEINOVE.

  • This appointment complements the new governance and reinforces DEINOVE's ambitions in medical innovation.

Montpellier, 16 May 2017 (7:30pm CEST) – DEINOVE (Alternext Paris: ALDEI), a biotech company that discovers, develops and produces high-value compounds from rare bacteria, notably from the Deinococcus genus, announced the results of its Ordinary and Extraordinary Annual General Meeting.

DEINOVE’s shareholders met today at the Annual General Meeting and voted in particular the following resolutions:

  • Approval of the annual accounts, expenses and charges (Art. 39-4 of the French Tax Code), regulated agreements and allocation of the result for the year ended December 31, 2016 (resolutions 1 to 4);
  • Authorization given to the Board to repurchase shares (resolution 10) and, in accordance with one of the objectives set out in resolution 10, to reduce the share capital of the Company by cancelling treasury shares (resolution 18);
  • Renewal of the delegations of authority granted to the Board of Directors in order to decide on the issuance of ordinary shares and/or securities giving immediate or future access to the capital or giving a right to a debt security (resolutions 11 to 15 and 17);
  • Ratification of the modification of the deadlines and procedures for exercising warrants, decided by the Board of Directors on 31 January 2017 (resolution 19).

Strengthening of the Board of Directors

The shareholders also ratified the appointment of Charles WOLER, Bernard FANGET, Vincent JARLIER and Yannick PLETAN as Directors (resolutions 5 to 8) , and approved Hervé BRAILLY as a new Director for a term of three years (resolution 9).

Hervé BRAILLY, PhD, has co-founded and managed for 17 years Innate Pharma, one of the world's leading specialists in immuno-oncology, and one of the success stories and first market capitalizations of French biotech, and is today Chairman of the Supervisory Board. He joins DEINOVE’s Board of Directors, where he will bring his experience in the bio-pharmaceutical sector, particularly in R&D and business development.

"I am pleased to bring my knowledge of the pharmaceutical industry and my entrepreneurial experience to DEINOVE. The Company has a unique technological platform to discover and develop high added-value molecules, and in particular new antibiotics, an important public health issue given the emergence of multi-resistant pathogens," said Hervé BRAILLY.

Charles WOLER, Chairman of the Board added: "DEINOVE further strengthens the Board's competence in the pharmaceutical industry, a sector that is now strategic for our Company. Hervé Brailly has been the conductor of a real entrepreneurial success in the field of biotech through his skills, determination and long-term vision. We look forward to this collaboration, which will undoubtedly be fruitful for DEINOVE and its shareholders."