• Yannick Pletan to present the DNV3837 mechanism of action, key features of the antibiotic candidate and the protocol of the ongoing Phase II Clinical Trial in Clostridioides difficile infection

DEINOVE (Euronext Growth Paris: ALDEI), a French biotech company, pioneer in the exploration and exploitation of bacterial biodiversity to address the urgent, global challenge of antibiotic resistance and the need for next-generation active ingredients in the service of healthcare, announces a presentation at the C.diff foundation 8th annual Virtual Conference.

Yannick Pletan, MD, MSc, HEC, Chief Medical Officer and member of the board of directors of DEINOVE will present in the “Research In Progress” virtual poster session “A Phase 2 Clinical Trial Evaluating a Novel Antibiotic Against a Clostridium difficile Infection”. He will be presenting the results of the Phase I, the protocol of the ongoing multicenter Phase II in the United States, the clinical sites, the team and the key advantages of DNV3837 antibiotic candidate: intravenous administration, precise targeting at the infection site, ability to eliminate Clostridioides bacteria without affecting the gut microbiota.

Patients enrollment is ongoing in this Phase II trial despite a disrupted context due to the COVID-19 outbreak. Preliminary results of Part I of the study are expected by S1 2021.

Video presentation is online https://youtu.be/pShknVl5kDk