Master in Management Sciences and Management Control, Diploma in Accounting & Management, MBA

Mario ALCARAZ joined DEINOVE in July 2020 as Chief Financial and Administrative Officer, also in charge of investor relations and financial communication.

An experienced financial director, mastering at the same time the financial, legal, accounting and strategic aspects of the function, Mario ALCARAZ has worked in the sectors of mass distribution (Auchan), energy transition (ENGIE Cofely), industry (Coldway Technologies) and aeronautics (Toulouse-Blagnac Airport). This last experience as Head of Management Control is a key asset in ensuring DEINOVE’s economic performance.

Mario ALCARAZ holds a Master's degree in Management Sciences from the Institut Supérieur de l'Entreprise de Montpellier (ISEM), a Master's degree in Management Control (IUP ISEM - IAE Montpellier), a Diploma in Accounting and Management, as well as a Global Executive MBA from Kedge Business school.